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Does teaching reading seem boring to you? Do you feel confident that you know how to teach it? In this course, we will look at some strategies to use when teaching reading, to ensure you are helping your students develop the skills they need in order to become better readers of English. We’ll look at activities you can do before reading, during reading and after reading, and you will come away with a range of practical classroom ideas.

Course Author

Course Author

Rachael Roberts

Rachael is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. She holds an MA in ELT, a DELTA, and is also a qualified coach. She has written a number of coursebooks for Upper Secondary and Adult students, including Navigate, Reach Up (OUP), High Note, Total English, Premium, Real Life (Pearson), and IELTS Foundation (Macmillan). She also has many years’ experience as a trainer on CELTA, DELTA and other Diploma level teacher training courses. Rachael is particularly interested in how what we know about classroom methodology can be translated effectively into materials for the classroom, and in helping teachers to develop a more confident classroom practice, by identifying and understanding their core principles.

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