Do you run a pre-service or in-service

teacher training programme? 

  • Is the “new normal” forcing you to make more use of digital technology?  

  • Are you scared of losing trainees to other institutions, who might already be using online tools? 

  • Do you feel like there’s just never enough time & resources to create your own online materials? 

Get your own site, branded for your school!

Stand out from the crowd!
We can create a custom site for your institution, so trainees experience this support directly from you.

Use the ELT Training Library to supplement your 
training course content.

Trainees can:

  • Prepare for your training course 

  • Reinforce input sessions  

  • Refer back to content with ease 
    (All from their mobile device!)

You can:

  • Relax, knowing the content has been written by experts 

  • “Flip” your teacher training programme

  • Focus on clarifying and coaching and practicing.   

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